How much does a real estate broker cost? How is he paid?

The real estate broker is a financial intermediary between individual borrowers and banks. He conducts the necessary research with the aim of offering his clients the best loan conditions. How is this provider paid? What is the average cost of its service?

Today, most real estate finance goes through a broker. It should be known that the cost of brokerage depends on the company involved. There is therefore no fixed tariff. These prices are usually based on the amount borrowed. Explanations.

Broker’s commission is paid by the bank


The commission received by the broker is approximately 1% of the total amount of the loan. In fact, this commission is not paid by the borrower. In general, this amount is capped, the ceiling varying from one institution to another. Since the brokerage reform of 2012, the broker must inform the borrower of the amount he receives from the bank. If this is not the case, the latter is entitled to ask him.

Brokerage fees are paid by the borrower

Brokerage fees are paid by the borrower

The brokerage fees correspond to the real rate of the real estate broker’s service. They often replace the application fees requested by private credit institutions. Again, the fees are calculated on the basis of the total amount of the loan. Some brokerage networks set a maximum ceiling allowing subscribers to benefit from very competitive rates. For example, the website offers a flat fee of 1,000 USD on average while at Cafpi, they represent 1% of the loan amount without ceiling, with a margin of negotiation. Finally, Empruntis charges the service according to the complexity of the file.

When do you pay the real estate broker?

When do you pay the <a href=real estate broker?” />

In accordance with Article L. 321-2 of the Consumer Code, the borrower is only required to pay the broker when the mortgage application is accepted. Thus, if the loan is refused by the credit agency, the broker can not ask him to pay his fees. A broker who claims a fee before the credit is issued is subject to prosecution. Finally, if the broker presents to the borrower a loan that does not correspond to his request or the signed undertaking, he will have nothing to do with it.

The interest of going through a real estate broker online

The interest of going through a <a href=real estate broker online” />

Online real estate brokers are multiplying. The reason ? They do not charge brokerage fees because they are remunerated by the banks as business contributors in identical amounts listed on their fundraising mandate. While these intermediaries do the same work as agency brokers, they stand out for their responsiveness. Indeed, they provide users with digital tools that save valuable time. To get a study of your real estate project free and without commitment, do not hesitate, call an online broker.

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